The Fort



“FORT GOODNIGHT TEXAS (THE FORT)” is not yet a physical place to visit but is initially introduced as a virtual place on the frontier of the future of the Great State of Texas! THE FORT shall be the home and first duty station of students that volunteer with parents’ permission to pioneer and lead an effort at their schools including homeschools to volunteer and enlist in a TEXAS BISON STUDENT STUDY GROUP during a school year. The volunteer student enlistees are designated as “THE JUNIOR PIONEERS AND LEADERS OF THE STATE (PALS) OF TEXAS VOLUNTEERS.”

THE FORT shall actually be a parcel of land in Presidio County purchased and managed by The STAR DAY Foundation in partnership with THE TEXAS BISON STUDENT STUDY GROUP. The parcel of land shall be legally set aside as a “Texas Conservation, Preservation and Restoration Land Trust as a Spirit of STAR DAY birthday gift from the students with the help of their parents and others for the State of Texas. THE FORT shall be organized as a collective and collaborative online virtual community of student and adult donors. THE TEXAS BISON STUDENT STUDY GROUP shall invite students and their families to pioneer and lead this effort as “FORT GOODNIGHT TEXAS HOMESTEADERS” who make annual donations to support the work of THE TEXAS BISON STUDENT STUDY GROUP. Each homestead family shall be formally issued a “Fort Goodnight Texas Donation Land Grant” for a small parcel of land as a “Family Homestead Ranch” at THE FORT to honor and recognize their service in making an annual donation in support of the work of THE TEXAS BISON STUDENT STUDY GROUP. Complete details of this initiative shall be launched on March 5, 2014, THE CHARLES GOOGNIGHT DAY, as an eArticle in THE TEXAS BISON STUDENT STUDY GROUP JOURNAL.

I am also pioneering and leading an effort to create a BLOG to provide our “TEXAS BISON STUDENT STUDY GROUP” supporters and our donors timely updates during the school year and to keep in touch as I get on the trail to visit Texas Counties in partnership with sponsoring schools and business to share our story and “ROUNDUP” a few Bison Bucks! The primary objective of “THE GREAT TEXAS BISON BUCKS ROUNDUP” initiative is to invite each Texan to donate at least one dollar each year in support of the work of THE TEXAS BISON STUDENT STUDY GROUP. The BLOG is named “THE FORT GOODNIGHT TEXAS POST.” The word “POST” is used to illustrate that my trail BLOG is simply a trail journal designed to record and share our evolving quest to help “SAVE THE OFFICIAL STATE BISON HERD OF TEXAS” one “Bison Buck” at a time. The word “POST” shall also be used to describe the concept of “The SPIRIT OF STAR DAY” as “Point of Service in Texas.”

Dennis M. Kulvicki-September 12, 2013

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