The Seal



The Seal of “The Official State Bison Herd of Texas Fund” was illustrated by Thomas S. Cleveland, a well known United States Mint coin designer/illustrator. Cleveland is owner of “The Artist Within School” in Cypress, Texas. He is the designer/illustrator of The Fund’s Donation Coin Premium Series. 

The STAR DAY Foundation has proposed to Governor Rick Perry, a 1999 STAR DAY Founder, a Partnership In Education Proposal proposed by The Texas Bison Student Study Group to authorize the use of the Official Seal of the State of Texas by The STAR DAY Foundation to mint a Texas silver donation coin called “THE TEXAS SILVER BISON.” The donation coin would not be sold but only offered as a donation premium as a gift to thank a donor for making a specific donation to support “THE OFFICIAL STATE BISON HERD OF TEXAS FUND.” The TEXAS SILVER BISON would be minted as a 39mm (1,5 inch) diameter donation coin containing 40 grams (A Texas Ounce) of 99,9% pure Texas Silver mined from the Shafter Silver Mine in Presidio County. Silver is now designated as “THE OFFICIAL PRECIOUS METAL OF TEXAS” as proposed by The Texas Silver Student Study Group in 2007.


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