The Texas Bison Student Study Group Journal



THE JOURNAL shall be formally introduced on this website on March 5, 2014. The lead article of THE JOURNAL is “The Story of The Fund.” This article in Adobe PDF format shall provide the reader with an overview of the work of our student, adult and sponsor volunteers to pioneer and lead the effort to launch The Fund and charter and maintain School Library POSTS of “The Junior Pioneers and Leaders of the State (PALS) of Texas Volunteers” at partnering schools. Since 2000 The STAR DAY Foundation pioneered and led an effort to establish Texas Student Study Groups in partnership with schools as after school enrichment programs to provide students with the opportunity to explore, discover and experience conservation, preservation and restoration topics supervised by school principals with the support of teachers, librarians parents, and corporate sponsors. A free copy of a PDF READER may be downloaded at ADOBE.COM. The Texas Bison Student Study Group (The Group) was initially organized on September 12, 2020 at Presidio ISD Lucy Rede Franco Middle School. The 2012/2013 Group, “Our Bison Buddy Buckeroos”, invited State Senator Kel Seliger (author) and State Representative Ken King (sponsor) to volunteer to pioneer and lead a legislative initiative during the 83rd Texas legislature session beginning in January 2013 to honor and remember the life and achievements of Mary Ann (Molly) Goodnight (1839-1926), known as “The Woman Who Saved Texas’s Bison!” The proposed bill would designate her birthday each year on September 12th as “THE MARY ANN (MOLLY) GOODNIGHT DAY.” Senate Concurrent Resolution (SCR) 10 was authored by State Senator Seliger on February 5, 2013. SCR 10 was passed and signed into law by Governor Rick Perry, a 1999 STAR DAY Founder, in June 2013. Teachers, librarians, students and families of homeschooled students had the opportunity to track their bill on the Texas Legislature Online website as it moved along on the legislative trail as an eActivity of The Group. With the passage of SCR 10, The STAR DAY Foundation is inviting Texas teachers, librarians and homeschooling parents to plan, develop and conduct a student studies classroom/library day on or about September 12th each year to provide students the opportunity to explore and discover her life and achievements and the impact of her service achievement of merit to help save a herd of Texas Plains bison, now known as “THE OFFICIAL STATE BISON HERD OF TEXAS” located at Caprock Canyons State Park. She is an outstanding historical role model for young people! The STAR DAY Foundation is planning to publish a 7th-8th reader devoted to providing students the opportunity to explore and discover her life and achievements and shall donate copies to School Library POSTS sponsoring The Junior PALS of Texas Volunteers “Readers Are Leaders” Program underwritten by donations of partnering families and others.
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